Now you've got the learning objectives or outcomes, assessment, and learning activities all aligned, the last step is to ensure that the topics of the syllabus are in alignment too. So now, review all the steps you've taken to get to this point and check that the Content is aligned with:

  • L&T activities,
  • Assessment tasks,
  • SLOs
  • When is each topic taught?

At this point, it's a good idea to add an extra column and identify all the resources that will be needed to teach the subject. You can see examples of what I've done for a completed map on the Constructive Alignment page.

Match syllabus topics to learning activities.

The final table you should have looks like this with all the elements you've designed filled in the appropriate columns.

Subject learning objectives
Assessment tasks
L&T activities
Do they have an:
Action Verb
Does the Level of Thinking develop knowledge and skills for application to practice
Are the tasks:
Aligned to SLOs
Assessment for learning
Authentic tasks
Work related, integrated, or placement
Are the activities:
Aligned to meet assessment tasks
Online activities
Student Engagement
Academic Skills
Is the Content aligned with:
L&T activities, Assessment tasks, & SLOs

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