Learning and Teaching Activities

When designing learning and teaching activities you will need to think about teacher activities and student activities. Developing student centred activities takes some time and is best considered from the perspective of the learning outcomes and the assessment. Here's some questions you might ask yourself as you design.

Are the activities:

  • Aligned to meet assessment tasks? Do they provide the students with the opportunities to learn and practice the skills and knowledge they'll need to complete the assessment?
  • How are they or can they be delivered and acted upon online?
  • Are they interactive, engaging, scaffolded?
  • Is the subject a capstone subject?
  • If a first year subject, are First Year Education principles considered?
  • Are Indigenous Education Curriculum elements included?
  • Have academic skills required for assessment been taught in the subject or the course and practise opportunities offered?

Do they meet:

  • Professional or accreditation standards
  • Exit standards
  • Pedagogical standards
  • Threshold learning standards

Based on the assessment, identify what learning activities students should complete to meet the objectives of a subject.
Think about the points above when designing the learning experiences the student undergoes.

These pages created by Deb Murdoch, an Academic Lead on the Student Transition and Retention Program at Charles Sturt University and course and subject analyst in the Faculty of Business.

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