CSU's definition of Criterion Referenced Assessment:

At CSU, assessment and grading are based on a criterion-referenced standards-based approach where assessment is aligned to pre-determined and defined criteria and related standards of skills, knowledge and competencies.

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Norm-//referenced assessment// and //Criterion// **...** - Deakin University
by R Connoley - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles

Criterion-Referenced Assessment. Prepared by: Dr Rob Connoley. Educational Developer/Lecturer Teaching & Learning. Faculty of Business & Law. Deakin ...

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Jump to Relationship to high-stakes **testing** - [edit]. Many high-profile criterion-referenced tests are also high-stakes tests, where the results of the test have ...Definition of criterion - ‎Comparison of criterion ... - ‎Relationship to high-stakes ...

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CRITERION REFERENCED ASSESSMENT. Criterion-referenced assessment is part of USQ learning and teaching policy. What is criterion-referenced ...

A comparison of norm-referencing and //criterion//-//referencing//
The goal of criterion-referencing is to report student achievement against objective reference points that are independent of the cohort being assessed

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Criterion-referenced Assessment. Higher education has moved to a criterion-referenced approach to assessment (Sadler, 2005), and this is the approach used ...

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Definition of criterion-referenced assessment: Evaluation that attempts to uncover the strengths and weakness of a student or trainee in terms of what he or she ...

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Criterion-referenced assessment and information literacy. QUT Teaching and Learning Committee has endorsed criterion-referenced assessment (CRA).

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